Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sarah Lauer - RAI Convention Center

The RAI convention center is an important part of Amsterdam's History. It was built in 1893 but first opened as the convention center in 1961. It's first use was for the Association of the Bicycle Industry hosting trade shows. After automobiles started to become popular in Amsterdam in the 1900s they had to change the name from RI to RIA because automobiles became part of the trade shows as well. They then rebuilt the structure to what is now, the RAI convention center.

It is currently one of the busiest business trade fairs and convention centers in the world with over 2 million visitors a year and has had more than 90 million visitors sense the opening. The convention center includes 11 halls, 1 ballroom, 22 conference rooms, 42 meeting rooms and 2 semi permanent halls.

Today we volunteered at another Amsterdam Landmark, the Museumplein, or "Museum Square". We set up the start and finish line, clothing station, and tents for the Brooks 10K Champion Run and Half Marathon. The event will start tomorrow on the last day of the European Athletic Championships. The runners course will go through downtown Amsterdam and finish at the Museumplein. Tomorrow I will be volunteering at the 10K as well, manning the access points and I am looking forward to it! 


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