Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brittany Mebust - Hammer Throw

Greetings from Amsterdam! It is only the third day since we arrived in the Netherlands though it has felt so much longer. The city is filled with colorful artwork, music, cafes, boats, and of course bicycles. The people of Amsterdam sure do love their bikes. I have become very much in love with the city and all the people I have met and become close with thus far. My favorite part of the trip so far was the boat cruise through Amsterdam and the walking tour through the streets. It was a beautiful way to explore the surface of Amsterdam before we dig deeper in this unique culture.

On July 2nd, we had the privilege to participate in a two-hour canal-vaulting clinic hosted by real professionals! Though I chickened out from participating, it was an exciting experience for me to watch the others in the group.

I am very excited for the upcoming excursions like the Anne Frank house and visiting The Hague! I am also looking forward to seeing the European Athletic Championship in action. An event I am looking forward to is the Hammer Throw. The hammer throw is one of the four throwing events in tack and field competitions. The Hammer Throw dates back to about 2000 BC when a hero threw a chariot over his head. Since 1866, the hammer throw has been a staple in competitions. The athlete swings a wire-handled solid iron sphere in a circle three times before letting go. Although it is commonly thought of as a strength event, the sport has changed focus to speed to achieve maximum distance. The winner is decided by who can throw the sphere the farthest.

Bye for now!

Brittany Mebust

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