Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rachel Pease - Health and Fitness

Amsterdam has been amazing.  Our group have been touring the city, going to museums, eating amazing food, and shopping.  This experience has been eye opening and wonderful.  Being able to see another area and learn about the history of Amsterdam has been so much fun.

Today was my third day volunteering at the side events for the European Athletic Championship.  My assignment for the day was to be the starter for the sprints event.  I would help give instructions on how to stand in the blocks and where to put your fingers on the line.  I would then wait for another volunteer that spoke Dutch to give instructions and I would start the kids using a wooden clapper.  I did that throughout the entire day but also got to talk to some of the children that spoke English and parents.

After volunteering was over my group came back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.  Some of my friends and I met up with another volunteer that was born and raised here and had dinner with her.  It was really interesting to talk and hang out with her and see how unique the culture is.

Health and fitness in Amsterdam is much different than in the states.  In Amsterdam everyone has a bike.  In daily life there is a lot of exercising simply by walking places and biking places.  Throughout the streets you will see sit down restaurants instead of fast food places.  There are fresh markets and grocery stores where fresh vegetables and fruit is available.

There is a gym right down the block from where we are staying and I went to workout there.  Thinking I would have to sign a waiver, give my license, insurance card and all the other information gyms in the United States makes you give was not needed over here.  I didn’t have to sign anything or give any information.  Also when we went Canal Vaulting I was not asked to sign any waivers or anything.  

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