Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Evan Landherr - 5000 and 10000M

This morning in Amsterdam we started the day off by getting divided up into groups and we had to map out and locate one of our work venues. My group consisted of myself, Heidi, and Solera and we our work venue was Olympiaplein which is a huge put door sports complex that had a skate park, two full size soccer fields, a gym and tennis courts.

After that a small group of us went on a tour of the original Heineken brewery and we learned about how the history behind the Heineken name. Heineken was founded in 1873 by Gerrad Adriaan Heineken when he was just fifteen years old. Heineken is available in more that seventy countries and Heineken beer only contains three ingredients. We got to see some of the of the original bottles they used when they started producing the beer and also got a lesson on the process they use to produce the beer. We stopped by the gift shop on the way out and they had glass mugs that you could purchase and what was really cool was you could get engraving on your mug which made for some great gifts.

After the tour we met up with everyone and we attended the opening ceremonies for the European Athletic Championships were we got to see different representatives for each of fifty countries competing in the games. Tonight we have our volunteer training and then tomorrow the fun begins as we will spend the next five days’ working the games.

5000 & 10000 Meters are long distance running competitions in track and field and have been events since 1912. The 5000M (3.1 Miles) consists of twelve and a half laps around the track and the 10000M (6.2) miles) consists of twenty-five laps. Kenenisa Bekele holds the current world record for both the 5000M and 10000M with times of 12:37 (5000) and 26:17 (10000). 

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